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Congratulations. You made it. You’re a leader. All the rules of success are about to change. But don’t worry, I’ll help you take to it so naturally, everyone will think you were born for it.

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The good news is ...

You’re Already Leadership Material

Of course you are. So don’t waste time being anxious and trying to prove yourself. You already got the job. Your energy is better invested in figuring out what kind of leader you want to be, and focusing on becoming that version of you one day at a time.
Executive Coach Mel Savage


Working with Mel is like working with a powerhouse institution but with a super-nimble approach. It’s like using 20+ years of experience, expertise, and wisdom for 1x1 coaching and mentoring.

Ardi V. | General Manager

I work with leaders to be better leaders


Become a Confident Leader...
No more beating yourself up and wondering if you’re cut out for this job. You just get to bravely believe in your ability to figure it out. That’s not arrogance, my friend. That’s just you letting yourself be unapologetically great.


… who grows critical thinkers, …
Sure, your job is to get results, but not by doing the work yourself or telling people what to do. As a leader, your job is to teach people to think. That’s it. What would change in how you do your job if that was your filter for success?


… and works effectively with everyone, …
They can throw any boss, client, peer or report your way, and you’ll be able to deliver. Why? Because great leaders can work with anyone. And I mean anyone. You’ll leverage the potential in everyone to deliver results.


… who is widely valued…

 If you want to be appreciated, I suggest you start by appreciating yourself…. Ya, I said it.  You’re great at what you do and there’s no harm in letting everyone know it.  I’ll teach you to get naturally noticed without being fake or slimy.


… and unapologetically achieves their career goals.
How are you leveraging your current job to get you closer to your career goal? Did that question just break your brain? No worries, I’ll help you get clear on the career you want and how to leverage your current situation to get there.


Worth the investment in yourself and lays a foundation of self-assessment and goal setting that will be applicable throughout my life.

Alexis S. | Sr. Manager

Be the best leader


I bring the 20+ years of leadership strategy together with advanced training in cognitive behavioral coaching to teach you to NATURALLY create the sweet spot of leadership success designed specifically for you.

Meet your partner in leading success...

I’m Mel Savage. Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Leadership Mentor and Seasoned Corporate Veteran.

You know what all those titles have in common? The experience to help you define the kind of leader you want to be, and the emotional intelligence to help you actually become that leader.

I worked in senior management at a Fortune 100 company for 12 years (the one with the clown and best fries in the world). I’ve made all the mistakes you’re making right now and I’m trained to help you get on the other side of them. And that’s exactly what you need right now.

About Mel Savage -
I’m also a Confident Canadian, Foul-Mouthed Cheerleader, Exceptional Air Guitarist
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Yup. I have a blog.

I don’t know about you, but I love a blog for the quick tips in a pinch. Use this as your go-to-leadership mentor, right in your back pocket.


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We’re going to make the leadership part so easy, you’ll be re-hiring me to help you deal with all the success you’re having.

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Become The Highly Valued Leader Everyone Wants On Their Team​

Become the go-to leader in your organization that consistently gets offered the most desirable opportunities. No overworking required.

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