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Achieve Your Leadership Goals (for real) in 2024

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Here are 4 strategies to help you achieve your leadership goals and make this the review cycle where you crack the leadership code and become a top performer for good.

I had “several” reviews in a row where I got the same feedback.

“You’re micromanaging your team.”

I’d set a goal to change my behavior.

It’d go well for a bit. But then there’d be some kind of crisis and I’ll fall right back into the old routine.

I couldn’t crack the code on creating sustained changes to my leadership style.

I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I was just having trouble doing it.

I started thinking this was just the way I am.

But that wasn’t true.

Because micromanaging people wasn’t the real problem to solve.

The real problem was WHY I was micromanaging people.

It was because I thought my way was the best way.

It was because I told myself there’s no time for failing.

It was because I was afraid what failing might do to my reputation.

I thought if I controlled everything, then nothing would go wrong.

But that wasn’t true.

Because by trying to control failure, I was failing as a leader.

We’re getting close to review time for many of you, and I wonder how much traction you’ve made on your leadership development since your last review?

Perhaps the reason you’re not getting traction is because you’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

The problem isn’t that your peers don’t trust you. It’s because you think your way’s the right way, and you’re smarter and better than them.

The problem isn’t that you aren’t an innovative thinker. It’s that you think you need to come up with the innovative ideas on your own.

The problem isn’t that you’re not collaborating. It’s because you think it takes too much time and it’s easier to do it yourself.

Today I want to offer you 4 strategies to help you achieve your leadership goals and make this the review cycle where you crack the leadership code, and become a top performer for good.

Set A Belief Goal.

Your behavior isn’t the real problem. You have a belief problem. The actions you’re taking are the end result of something you believe. That’s what’s getting in your way.

This is good to know. Because now you can set a better goal. Instead of setting a goal to stop micromanaging your team, your goal can be to believe something new.

Instead of thinking your way is the best way, you can set a goal to believe the best way is always the one that comes from my team.

Instead of thinking it takes too much time to collaborate, you can set a goal to believe collaboration is a time saver.

Once you change your belief, the new actions come naturally.

Use Your Goal As A Daily Filter.

Now you have a better goal, but that’s still not enough to create success.

About 90% of everything you currently do or believe is habit-based. And the only way to break a habit is to practice. And the best way to practice is to be intentional.

As an example, before every meeting you go to, or email you write, or impromptu interaction with your team, ground yourself in your belief; the best way is always the one that comes from my team.

And then start the meeting. Or write the email. Or have the interaction.

You still may not handle it perfectly. But it’s going to be easier. And it’s going to get better, faster.

Do One Thing At A Time.

Now if you’re like me (and everyone else), you have more than one chronic leadership challenge. And because you’re a high achiever, you’ll think you can practice several new beliefs at the same time.

That is another belief error.

You will get further, faster if you focus on one belief at a time. This will feel uncomfortable because you’re a fixer and you want to fix everything right away. But that inclination will slow you down.

Pick one belief at a time. Get to a place where it’s starting to click, and then add on. If you try this strategy, I promise you’ll be starting to hear how much you’ve changed well before the next review cycle.

Make Failure A Personal Strength.

Heads up. You’re going to fail a lot at the beginning. Don’t take the failure personally. There’s nothing wrong with you. That’s how the process works.

But it’s hard for a lot of people to NOT take failure personally. So if you’re determined to make failure mean something about you, instead of making it a personal weakness, make it a personal strength.

Every time you fail, you can believe that only strong people keep trying when they fail. Only strong people take on a challenge like this knowing it won’t work out perfectly at first.

Every failure is a sign that what you’re doing it working. Because you’re working it.

Bottom line: Leadership Development is more EQ than IQ.

You’re used to taking action to achieve your KPIs. But leadership development is more about what you believe that what you do. The best leaders have strong awareness of how their beliefs impact their results and are willing to rethink those beliefs to get the results they want.


I have 20+ years working as a leader in the corporate world. I know what you need to do. And I combine that with four years of training as a cognitive behavioral coach. I know how to help you naturally think like the leader you want to be.

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