Become the Highly Valued Leader Everyone Wants On Their Team

(and make a lot of money in the process)


Your company is going to wish they had 10 more leaders just like you.

That’s what people will say about you. You’ll be the leader that role models for other leaders.
That’s what happens when you become the highly valued leader everyone wants on their team.  

The questions is… are you interested in creating this for yourself?

It all starts with booking your 45 min leadership strategy session. We’ll 
talk about what’s going on with you, what success looks like, and why you think you might be struggling.
I’m going to listen to you and offer you my observations. The consultation alone is very valuable. We’re going to take what we’re talking about today and apply it to you.
You will leave this call with new insight on how to be more valuable in your specific situation.


Working with Mel is like working with a powerhouse institution but with a super-nimble approach. It’s like using 20+ years of experience, expertise, and wisdom for 1x1 coaching and mentoring.

Ardi V. | General Manager

Meet your partner in leading success...

I’m Mel Savage. Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Leadership Mentor and Seasoned Corporate Veteran.

You know what all those titles have in common? The experience to help you define the kind of leader you want to be, and the emotional intelligence to help you actually become that leader.

I worked in senior management at a Fortune 100 company for 12 years (the one with the clown and best fries in the world). I’ve made all the mistakes you’re making right now and I’m trained to help you get on the other side of them. And that’s exactly what you need right now.

I’m also a Confident Canadian, Foul-Mouthed Cheerleader, Exceptional Air Guitarist
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